Will you Help Zeus?

Will you help Zeus by donating today?

Meet Zeus. Zeus has a heartbreaking story. He came to us after his owners gave him to a local animal control department. He spent 10+ years outside tied up. He came in emaciated, covered in feces and urine, and you could tell that he wasn’t used to a kind touch and attention because he winced when you went to pet his head.

After a belly full of food, a warm bed and some attention, it was as though he began to understand that things were going to be different, that he was with a different kind of people now. He began to seek out attention, putting his head on your lap for a pat. After two days, we got our first tail wag and even some barking to go for a walk! We weren’t optimistic about his vet visit, but to our surprise, he was in need only of some pain meds for his arthritis and medication for hyperthyroidism.

Zeus will need ongoing medical care for the remainder of his life, so any and all donations are needed and greatly appreciated to help offset the costs of his care and the care of other animals in him.

Click the button below to donate to our Stella’s Fund (a medical fund) in Zeus’ name to help defray the cost of Zeus’ care and the medical expenses of other animals in our care: