Abandoning Pets- We Welcome You and your Pet

Meet Binx.  He is a very lucky guy because someone had left him in a carrier on the side of the road.  We received a call about a cat carrier  being seen and when our dedicated staff member went to the site, sure enough, there was a cat inside.  Sadly, it looks like Binx was in there for days because the carrier was filthy and there was no food or water.  We immediately brought Binx to get medically evaluated and treated for the urine burns that were on his paws from being inside the carrier too long.  Thankfully, he is going to be okay and has already found a new, loving home who won’t do this to him. 


The Scituate Animal Shelter would like to send out the message to everyone that we understand life can be challenging sometimes and people cannot always keep their pet/s.  Some people might abandon their pets instead of bringing him/her to a shelter because they are embarrassed or think they will have to pay a fee or a variety of other reasons.  Here at the Scituate Animal Shelter, we are judgement free, we welcome you and your pet and we have no fee to surrender.  We want to break down any and all barriers that would otherwise prevent people from bringing their animal to us.  Having to give up an animal can be hard in an of itself.  We do our very best to make the process as easy as possible.  We are here for you and your pet.  Please don’t abandon.  Come visit us or call us to talk.  The more we know about the pet you need to surrender the better for a successful, future adoption.

Lastly, caring for special cases such as Binx is not inexpensive. We are not funded by the state and depend on donations from caring people like you.  Consider making a donation to help Binx and other animals in our care. Donate here: http://scituateanimalshelter.org/donate/


Learn more about Binx’s story and abandoning pets here: http://www.fox25boston.com/news/judgment-free-scituate-animal-shelter-frustrated-by-abandoned-cats/508731269