The Adoption Process

We like to think of ourselves as “matchmakers!” We want to find the best fit for you and for our adoptable pets.

When you first arrive at the Shelter, your adoption counselor will ask you to fill out a Matchmaker Survey.  The information in the Survey helps us match you up with pets that will be the best fit for your lifestyle and circumstances. 

You can check out our current adoptable pets under the Adopt tab or by clicking the “Adopt” graphic to the right.  

If you meet an animal that both you and your adoption counselor feels is a good match, you will be given an application to complete.  It usually takes us a day or two to process an application.

If you already have a dog and are looking to adopt another, we’ll have the dogs meet at the shelter first, to make sure they’ll be best of buds.  We also recommend you take your new dog home on a trial adoption (7 day period) to make sure he or she is the right fit for you, your family, and your current pets.  

We want every adoption to be a success for you and your new pet, so we are here for you throughout the process and afterward to answer any questions that you may have.  We want to be a life long support system for you and your pet.  

Are there fees to adopt?

Yes, we charge an adoption fee for most of our pets.  

  • $125 per adult cat (over the age of 6 months)
  • $150 per kitten ($125 each if adopting a pair)
  • Up to $325 per dog.  We may sometimes require a training deposit to ensure that your new dog gets the training he or she needs. The training deposit is $100 and is refundable upon proof of completion of a positive reinforcement training class.
  • We may decrease or waive the adoption fee for some senior pets.

What will I receive when I adopt?

We will give you copies of the animal’s medical records, showing that they have been spayed or neutered, are up to date on all vaccines, have been dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks, have been tested for heartworm, lyme disease and any other chronic illnesses that may affect the pet’s overall health, and have been provided with any other necessary medical care.  We will also send along some helpful materials about integrating your new pet into your home, as well as some food, toys, treats, and bedding!  Dogs will be sent home with their collar, leash and a Shelter ID tag, and any training plans our trainer feels will help your dog become the best dog he or she can be.  Cardboard cat carriers are available for purchase for $5.00.