Being a Board Member

The Board of Directors is a body of volunteers from our community whose purpose is to advance the mission of the Shelter.  In addition to overseeing Shelter operations, they make decisions about marketing, fundraising, budgeting, financial management and capital improvements.  A crucial function of the Board is raising funds for the Shelter, as only a very small portion of the Shelter’s operational budget is covered by adoption and other fees.  

The full Board meets 10 times per year and Board members are expected to attend every meeting.  Each Board member serves a three year term and participates on at least one Board Committee.  Board committees require varying commitments of time depending on their function and activities.  You do not need to be a member of the Board to serve on a Board committee.

Communications and Marketing Committee
Help our communications and marketing team with the writing, proofing and publication of our newsletters,  appeal letters, e-news blasts and press releases to promote our adoptable animals and advertise the Shelter and upcoming fundraisers.  For more information, email and reference the Communications and Marketing Committee.

Fundraising Committee
Maintain contact with the Shelter’s supporters, cultivate new prospects, and help plan, execute as staff large events to generate support for and raise public awareness of the Shelter.  For more information, email and reference the Fundraising Committee. 

Community and Public Relations Committee
Help organize and staff small events and community meet and greets and work on community outreach programs in local schools, nursing homes and assisted living communities.  For more information, email and reference the Community and Public Relations Committee. 

Finance and Audit Committee
This committee oversees the Shelter’s investments and finances and is responsible for developing a strategic plan.  For more information, email and reference the Finance and Audit Committee.

Human Resources and Nominating Committee
This committee helps oversee Shelter staff as well as recruiting new Board members. For more information, email and reference the HR and Nominating Committee.

If interested in learning more about Board service or volunteering on a Board committee, please contact Board President, Tom Poppey and reference Board Membership or the specific sub-committee you are interested in.