Help us Fix Rex- No Animal Deserves Pain

Rex is only 8 months old and has already had a very tough beginning and it’s not fair because he is the sweetest guy. While living in a previous home, he was hit by a car and was severely injured.  To the dismay of all animal lovers, he did not receive emergency medical care (or any medical care for that matter) and was, more than likely, in severe pain for a while.  No animal deserves this.

Fortunately, some caring community members convinced the previous owner to relinquish him since he was not able to provide the needed medical care.  We are so lucky to have this handsome guy with us here at the Scituate Animal Shelter. He brings us joy every day and he shows us humans what it means to be resilient.

His physical well being is currently our priority.  We were able to provide Rex with a full, medical exam including the needed x-rays (see the x-rays below).   What we discovered is that he had a broken pelvis.  It has healed a bit by itself so thankfully, Rex is no longer suffering in pain.  We are making him very comfortable while in our care.  However, his muscles have atrophied and because of this, he has some challenges walking correctly at this time. Also, more than likely, he will need surgery to correct his break.  The surgery is called FHO and can be very, very pricey….but Rex is completely worth it and we would not have it any other way.  He deserves the very best- as do all animals.

He will be with us until we can get his medical situation under control and provide him with surgery.  This will cost us and you are probably aware we are not for profit and rely heavily on donations from  kind and compassionate community members.  If you could find a space in your heart for Rex and donate, you will be helping us offset our costs for his medical needs and basic care while he stays with us. Your donation will directly help this great dog and other animals.

Rex’s story also serves as an important reminder that if you or anyone you know cannot afford to care for your pet anymore, please bring to the Scituate Animal Shelter or another shelter where proper care will be provided.  The Scituate Animal Shelter welcomes you and your pet and there is no judgement. If you realize you are not the appropriate home for an animal for any reason at all, that is exactly why we are here for you and your pet.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the well-being of all animals.

Please consider making a donation on behalf of Rex and all shelter animals.  His surgery is expensive and he will be in our care for a while which is not inexpensive. We will be updating everyone on Rex’s progress periodically.

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Thank you all very, very much.

With Love,

Rex and all at the Scituate Animal Shelter