Position Filled-Job Opening- Animal Care Supervisor, Part Time


Job Title: Animal Care Supervisor

Hours: Part time-Non Exempt- Temporary Position- Approximately 18 hrs/week (some flexibility)

Reports to: Director of Programs and Operations

Oversees: Animal care shift volunteers and processes as well as on call for foster parents

Schedule (some flexibility)

Fridays 11:00-2:00
Saturday 7:30- 11:30
Sunday 7:30-3:30
Monday 2:30-5:30

Job Description Summary: This temporary, part time position is responsible for providing direct animal care to all shelter animals and leading and delegating to a group of volunteers to assist. Assist veterinarian with visits, blood draws, vaccinations, oral medications, and restraints. Assist with daily medical rounds of animals and fielding medical issues to ensure appropriate care. Veterinary technician experience and animal handling experience required including difficult to handle animals.
Duties & Responsibilities:

• Provide direct animal care for all animals and lead a group of volunteers daily to help provide direct animal care.
• Handle a variety of species humanely and safely including difficult to handle animals.
• Feed all animals and administer all medications at the beginning of the shift.
• Respond to all foster care parent inquiries during these work hours.
• Help to care for animals if the care shift is low on volunteers or if time allows.
• Help to enforce policies and procedures and communicate problems to the Programs Manager or Director of Operations and Programs.
• Assist Scituate Animal Control Officer or staff members with the intake and/or release of animals.
• Communicate updates/important information to staff regularly.
• Work with staff and volunteer coordinators to ensure shift coverage.
• Prepare the shelter for open hours by ensuring all animal enclosures are clean, the shelter is tidy and organized, trash is taken out, windows are cleaned and the front Lobby and office are vacuumed and mopped regularly.
• Contain and monitor sick animals to prevent outbreaks and cross contamination of illnesses.
• Regularly check the medical records book.
• Attend meetings on a needed basis.
• Assist with maintaining and updating animal related paperwork
• Handle any quarantine/staff only animals.
• Place an emphasis on a high standard of care for all animals.
• Carry out all of these duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude.
• Operate consistent with the labor laws of MA and the laws of the MA Dept. of Agriculture and all other local, state and federal laws.
• Must comply with all current shelter policies.
• Comply with legal requirements for handling controlled substances & medications.
• High school diploma required.
• At least 1 year experience working hands on with animals.
• Veterinary technician experience.
• Must enjoy working with people from all walks of life.
• Must be able to adapt and have flexibility.
• Must be able to humanely and safely handle a wide variety of species.
• Must be able to handle potentially aggressive animals safely.
• Must have a positive attitude.
• Must take initiative.
• Must be able to lead and delegate in a simple, pleasant and enthusiastic manner.

Policies & Procedures
• Comply with all current shelter policies, procedures and philosophies.
• Comply with all state and local laws.

To apply for this position please e-mail you cover letter and resume to: mailto:info@scituateanimalshelter.org


The Scituate Animal Shelter is an equal opportunity organization. Volunteers and employees will be chosen without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical/mental disability or marital status in accordance with the state and federal law.