Meet Andria Dolce- Running the Frosty Half Marathon and Raising Funds for Animals

Andria and Leo

Meet Andria!  She has decided to run this year’s Frosty Half Marathon taking place on December 3rd.  You know what else she has decided?  To raise funds for the animals of the Scituate Animal Shelter!  Will you help her meet her goal?

Andria lives in Pembroke and has two dogs, Leo and Piper.  Soon after she moved to Pembroke she learned about the Scituate Animal Shelter.  Before she began volunteering as a dog walker, she was worried that volunteering would make her a bit sad; seeing the animals in the shelter and not in homes.  However, she convinced herself to give it a shot, and much to her delight, she realized the Scituate Animal Shelter was indeed a happy place; a place where animals were well cared for and find loving homes.  This is the reason she continued the important volunteer work that she does.  “Seeing the animals find homes makes me so happy” she said. 

Not only is Andria a dedicated dog walker and supporter of the shelter, she is a monthly donor which means she donates funds every month based on her work success.  Monthly giving is so important for organizations like this one.

The animals are lucky to have Andria, a truly compassionate and generous person, as a friend.  Will you help her reach her goal as she prepares to run the Frosty Half Marathon?

Click here to donate and Help Andria help Animals Today!