Meet Pixie! From Cold and Bullied to Warm and Safe

Pixie has had it rough.  She had to be given up by her owners because the dogs in the household were bullying her and the children weren’t so gentle with cats.

She was brought to another shelter, where she was so scared, she panicked and fled, ending up in the middle of a lake in cold weather.  Diagnosed with pneumonia and asthma, the experience left Pixie one very sick cat.
At the  Scituate Animal Shelter, we were able to provide Pixie with some well deserved TLC … and antibiotics.  She is now safe, warm, healthy and happy living with a Shelter foster family patiently waiting to find her new home.

Pixie has been through a great deal, so she will need an a quiet, patient and understanding home.  Might your home be the one for Pixie?

We encounter animals like Pixie every day, and never shy away from giving them the care and attention they need so they can find their forever home.  Caring for injured and ill pets is very costly … If you can’t open your home to a pet like Pixie, you can still help Pixie and animals like her by donating today!