Rugged Maniac for Animals

Meet these Two Rugged Maniacs- Kellie Forde, of Weymouth, and Diana Casey, of Braintree. These two incredible women  are participating in the Rugged Maniac, taking place on September 24th to raise funds for the animals at the Scituate Animal Shelter. 

Help them reach their goal of becoming Rugged Maniacs and support the animals of the Scituate Animals Shelter by clicking the Donate button below!


A little bit more about Kellie and Diana:

Kellie Forde

“I live in South Weymouth with my husband Dave. We live with our 3 fur babies, our 11 year old Australian Shepherd, Krystal, my 7 year old cat Jack who was found in a friend’s garage at 5 weeks old, and my 4 year old cat Puck. Puck came to me as a feral at 6 months old. It took me a long time to gain his trust but now he loves being cuddled, purrs loudly to be petted and naps with me on the couch. He is best friend with Jack. I’ve always been a huge animal lover and have found homes for many animals myself. I signed up for the Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle race and had a thought of raising money in some capacity for the animals. Having met Maryann and gotten to know her personally, I immediately thought of the Scituate Animal Shelter and the amazing work they do. Their mission will be my motivation in completing the Rugged Maniac in September. Every animal deserves to be loved and have a caring and safe home. “


Diana Casey

“I live in Braintree with my husband Matt and our 3 boys, Matthew, and twins Steven and Jason. We have 2 fur babies, guinea pig Miss Sparkles (she came with the name haha) and rescue Pug Marley, who came to us last October. She had been passed around from house to house so her age is unknown, but she is the love of our house! I work with Kellie and have previously done the Rugged Maniac. I had Kellie sign up, and she had the idea to raise some funds and mentioned Scituate Animal Shelter. I toured the shelter and saw how dedicated and caring they all are to the pets in need and was inspired to be a part of the fundraising effort.”


Help these two reach their goal by donating today. Your donation will help all the animals at the Scituate Animal Shelter. What a great cause and the Scituate Animal Shelter is lucky to have these two supporting our animals.  Will you help today?

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