Lost & Found Pets

If your pet has gone missing or you have found a pet and would like to reunite it with its owner, we encourage you to contact your town’s Animal Control Officer first.  You may also provide the Shelter with a complete description of the animal, along with your contact information, by calling us at (781) 544-4533 ext. 301 or emailing your contact info, a picture of the animal and where the animal was last seen or found to dstours@comcast.net to be posted on Facebook.  We keep a record of missing and found pets and have been successful in reuniting pets with their owners so please get in touch!  

Tips on Finding Your Lost Pet

Missing Cats.  For tips on finding your lost cat, whether indoor only or indoor/outdoor, please follow this link to a helpful article from Petfinder: (http://www.petfinder.com/cats/lost-and-found-cats/tips-for-finding-lost-cats/).  

You can also borrow a have a heart trap from us to try to trap your missing indoor cat. Many indoor cats stay near their homes but are too scared to come out of their hiding spots. 

Missing Dogs.  Petfinder also has a great article on finding your lost dog. (http://www.petfinder.com/dogs/lost-and-found-dogs/find-lost-dog/

We also encourage you to contact Missing Dogs Massachusetts and submit a lost/found report.  

Local Animal Control Officers:

Scituate: (781) 545-8709

Cohasset: (781) 383-1055 x1014

Hingham: (781) 741-1490

Norwell: (781) 659-8012

Marshfield: (781) 834-6655 x174

Hull: (781) 925-4718

Weymouth: (781) 335-1212 x307

Quincy: (617) 376-1364

Loss Prevention

There are many circumstances that can lead to a pet going missing, but there are a couple of easy things you can do to try and prevent it.

Never leave your animal outside unattended.  A lot of the stray dogs who make their way to the shelter have either escaped from a fenced-in yard or run through an electric fence.  Remember that animals can be spooked or enticed out of their own yards very quickly and easily.

If you have an electric fence, always make sure that the batteries in the collar are charged.  If you have a solid fence, do regular checks on it to make sure the gates are secured and that there aren’t any holes in it the animal could get through.

If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, dogs should always be kept on leash. If they are tied out on a run, don’t leave them unattended.

If your pet isn’t spayed or neutered, it may be more inclined to wander away from your home.  For information on spay/neuter services, click here.

If you have a cat that just won’t be kept inside, you can try walking your cat on a harness.  You can also build reasonably priced outdoor cat enclosures.

If your pet does go missing, the best way to ensure your pet is returned to you is to have your pet microchipped.  If you move or adopt an animal that has already been microchipped, make sure that your contact information registered the chip with is up to date.  Also, put your contact information, including cell phone number, on your pet’s collar or ID tag.