Corporate Partners

Get to know our amazing Corporate Partners! These businesses have a heart for helping animals and a philanthropic mindset in general.  When you are in need of a service, consider using one our partners. That way, you know you are giving your money to socially conscious and responsible businesses and more specifically, to businesses who are helping animals at the Scituate Animal Shelter and beyond.











As a leader in the community, the Scituate Animal Shelter is asking for your support in continuing the success of our efforts to provide rescue, loving placement and quality health care and resources to countless animals in need.

The Scituate Animal Shelter is honored to have a highly visible position with the animal-friendly population of the South Shore region and beyond.  As a sponsor you will enjoy heightened visibility, an enhanced charitable image, positive affiliation with a worthy community cause and tax benefits.

By sponsoring the Scituate Animal Shelter, you will not only be putting your marketing dollars to good use but also to support a great cause.

If you are interested in exploring a mutually-beneficial relationship between your business or organization and the Scituate Animal Shelter or in sponsoring an event or program, please contact our development team at

There are various levels of the Corporate Partners. Let us help you decide a level that is right for you.