All cats deserve love....even the really cranky ones

Fees waived through October 15th!

We sometimes find ourselves with lots of cats who deserve loving families and homes...but don't have such an easy time finding those homes.  

The reasons can range from the fact that they  are intensely shy, and don't 'show' well when potential adopters come in (like Gladys pictured here).  Or perhaps they are cranky and demanding.   Some cats have health challenges that make them less appealing, and some simply get overlooked because they aren't quite as pretty or unique as the others.

Generous supporters Tom Poppey and Elissa Flynn-Poppey have made a donation to the shelter so that we can waive fees on all of our 'difficult' cats through October 15th.   Are you the kind of special owner that can take one of these guys on? 

Meet our 'difficult' cats:

Snowy:  sweet but FIV+

Sasha: very sassy

Gladys: very shy

Darla: grumpy

Delilah: major attitude

Alice:  no one has been interested in her

Midnight: diabetic

Izzy:  total diva

Prudence:  hyperthyroid

Lucy & Ricky:  Lucy is shy and sassy