The Boston Marathon & SAS


2020 Boston Marathon Fundraiser

Sponsored by Orange Theory and Bay State Paving.

We are so excited to introduce you to Lauren McDonough who is running for SAS in the 2020 Boston Marathon!   Lauren will not only be running, she will also be raising funds for the animals of SAS, and more specifically, focusing her fundraising efforts on our  medical needs.

Lauren was inspired by animals like Peaches, an elderly dog who came to SAS severely emaciated and suffering from complicated and expensive medical issues. Peaches received state-of-the-art care, including regular laser treatments for pain management, and was adopted into a loving home where she was able to live out the rest of her life loved and happy. Peaches was just one of the hundreds of 'special needs' pets that SAS helps each year.

Lauren says, "I am running for all of the animals who need medical care- especially extensive medical care. I am very happy to fundraise for SAS so that all animals are able to receive the care they need to go to their new homes happy and healthy. At SAS, they go above and beyond to make sure all animals physical and emotional needs are met and I am so proud to represent this organization”.

Lauren is a Rockland resident and she is also a long time volunteer of the shelter. She is a dedicated dog walker and has also served on our Fundraising Committee. She is seen here with her two dogs, "Ted" (the big guy) and "Gisele" (the little one).

Help lauren help pets like Peaches

Peaches arrived at SAS emaciated and in terrible pain (photo, top right).

Just a month later, she had gained 15 pounds and was receiving pain management laser treatments, photo, bottom right). 


Thanks to our generous sponsors

We are so grateful to Orange Theory and Bay State Paving for sponsoring Lauren's Marathon run!