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YOU Helped Animal Victims of the Recent Hurricane in Texas

To all of you who brought supplies for our hurricane drive for animals, thank you.  You have helped animals devastated by the recent hurricane in Texas.  Thousands of pounds of donated supplies came to us and we were able to deliver everything to the shipment locations in Boston this afternoon.  We will be holding another drive in the near future so stay tuned.  Thank you, everyone.

Hurricane Harvey Update: Need Pet Supplies by Thursday AM!

Hurricane Harvey update. Need pet supplies by Thursday am! We are looking at  ways to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey and are researching how best to help the animals and pet owners of the region.  More info to follow.  In the meantime, the city of Boston is collecting items for Houston.  We will be delivering a shipment of pet food and pet supplies to them Thursday morning.    If you would like to donate (unopened) pet food and cat