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Benji needs your help!

Benji - before & after

PLEASE SHARE BENJI’S STORY Meet Benji! Benji is a 4 yr old, blind miniature schnauzer who was surrendered to the shelter. When we first met Benji, his feet were matted and he had a lot of hair in his eyes. Even worse, at his check up we discovered Benji has diabetes. This means that in addition to the many eye drops Benji is on, he also needs insulin twice a day and bi-annual check ups. We really need your help

Support Teg Griffiths’ Run for the Shelter

Tegs Challenge

Volunteer and supporter Teg Griffiths has challenged himself to run 500 miles in five fingered running shoes to benefit the Shelter!  Support him and the Shelter by making your donation here. Teg will complete his 500th mile sometime in October and the Shelter is planning a celebration in his honor.  Keep checking our website for more information on Teg’s progress and the upcoming celebration.  We hope to see you there!