Our culture at SAS

We are a team

Before you decide to apply to be a part of the volunteer program at the Scituate Animal Shelter, we ask that you read about our culture and decide if you are the right match.

At the Scituate Animal Shelter, we strive to maintain a culture of kindness, positivity, trust, team work and fun.

While there is an abundance of heartwarming and happy stories and situations at the shelter, shelters can also be highly emotionally-charged environments.  We work in the presence of animals who are homeless, abandoned, injured and/or abused. 

The work can be challenging. Because of that, a positive attitude and kindness is required to volunteer at this organization.

We not only welcome feedback but embrace it as an organization that aims to operate with the highest sets of standards possible for the betterment of our animals and people.  We ask that feedback is presented in a professional and thoughtful manner.

When you are volunteering in the direct animal care capacity at the shelter, you are giving the animals the best two hours you can give them.  This includes hands on care, enrichment activities and cleaning their space to help keep them healthy and happy.

While people come to SAS because they love animals, it is essential that volunteers must also be able to work well with other people- in any and all volunteer jobs (not just direct animal care).  SAS isn’t just about animals-it’s about people helping animals. 

This is very important to us.