Volunteer with us

Our most important resource: you

Volunteers are essential to us. They care for our cats, dogs and small animals, help to match homeless pets with new families, and aid in fundraising efforts.  

Current volunteer positions for adults include the following.  For more information on each, please scroll down. Note: if you are under 18, please click the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Adoption Counselor/Customer Service Volunteer 

Dog Care Volunteer 

Cat Care Volunteer 


Fundraising Committee Volunteer 

Marketing & Communications Committee Volunteer 

Transportation Volunteer 

Facilities Volunteer 


Because training shelter volunteers has a financial cost, we ask for a suggested (non-refundable) donation of $15 when you fill out a volunteer application. This covers the cost of training and materials as well as a volunteer t-shirt.

Volunteer Positions

Adoption Counselor Volunteer


Duties: These volunteers provide general information and tours to visitors of the shelter.  Adoption Counselors assist with introducing potential adopters to animals, answer calls about available animals, assist with processing adoption applications, help with copying, paperwork, filing and other administrative tasks as needed.  The ideal candidate for this role is someone who enjoys meeting new people and has a friendly and positive attitude.

Hours: Volunteers must commit to  a two and a half hour shift once a week during open hours.  Extensive training sessions are required.  Many shifts are available and we are actively seeking new volunteers!

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Cat Care Volunteer


Duties: Volunteers assist with caring for and socializing our resident cats. A typical shift would include cleaning chores (changing litter boxes, doing laundry, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping) as well as socialization with the cats, such as playing with them and giving them one on one attention. Training to become a cat care volunteer includes watching training videos, meeting with the Volunteer Program Manager for an orientation, and completing at least two sessions of shadowing one of our experienced volunteers.

Hours: Cat Care volunteers must commit to a two hour shift once a week at either 8-10 am, 3-5 pm or 5:30-7:30 pm depending on the day of the week.  Please note that we are currently only seeking volunteers for the 5:30 to 7:30 pm shift on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

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Dog Walking Volunteer


Please note: all shifts are currently full and we are not onboarding new dog walker volunteers at this time.  

Duties:  Volunteers assist with exercising, caring for and socializing our resident dogs.  A typical shift includes cleaning kennels and outdoor runs, walking dogs on nearby trails and neighborhoods, going on car rides and carrying out prescribed training protocols and procedures. Dogs are categorized according to their behaviors and new volunteers will begin by walking dogs that have fewer behavioral issues. After attending a group orientation session with the Volunteer Program Manager, volunteers then pursue additional training  (three sessions of shadowing one of our experienced volunteers during a shift).

Hours: Dog care volunteers must commit to a two hour shift once a week: from 8-10 am or 3-5 pm. 

Transportation Volunteers


Duties:  These volunteers provide transport for pets going to veterinary appointments or surgeries, grooming, or even taking them to their new adoptive homes.  Animals are generally crated for transport.

Hours:  Flexible. Volunteers must be over 18 and have a valid driver's license.  

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Facilities Volunteers


Duties:  These volunteers help with routine maintenance of our shelter and our grounds, for example, helping to plow our paths when it snows so that our dogs can be walked. Trades experience is a plus (landscaping, carpentry, painting, etc).

Hours:  Flexible.    


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Foster Volunteers & Families


Foster families take animals into their homes, helping to socialize feral kittens, take care of cat moms and their litters, as well as provide care on a temporary basis for the dogs and cats whose health or emotional issues make shelter life too difficult.  

They also enable us to help more animals by allowing us to take in pets even if the shelter space is full.   It's incredibly rewarding and fun!   We cover the costs of veterinary care and provide training and support. 

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Fundraising Committee Volunteer


The Fundraising Committee carries out all of our  fundraising activities.  Volunteers help devise, plan and staff fundraisers, parties and community events.  They interact with local businesses  soliciting donations or goods and services,  and man tables at parties and events.

Hours:  The Committee meets approximately once per month during the evenings.  Fundraising events take place throughout the year, often on weekends.

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Marketing & Communications


Our Marketing & Communications Committee is responsible for the creation of PR products and materials.  Ideal members of the committee will have backgrounds in various areas of communications, such as journalism, graphic design, editing, proofreading, advertising and photography.

Hours: The committee meets monthly.  Most additional work is done on the members' own time. 

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