Rabbit Toys Needed


Current Resident Forsythia 

Last year, rabbits and other small pets made up 42 of the 653 pets we found homes for.

We are currently in need of rabbit hay and rabbit toys to keep our pets happy while they wait for their new families. 

Donations are so appreciated!   If you wish to drop off supplies at the shelter, you may do it 24 hours a day by placing it in the cabinet to the right of our main entrance.  Thank you!

Kids and Pets


More opportunities for kids

We are currently expanding our programs for youth volunteers.   

Opportunities will include programs for young children to read to shelter pets, work with our marketing team to publicize animals in search of homes, and to become more involved in nearly all aspects of running a busy animal charity.  Watch this space! 

Feral Cats


  TNR programs

Did you know we have programs to  help feral cats, some of the most vulnerable animals in our region? We first identify feral cat colonies and adopt out any kittens.

We then humanely trap and neuter the adults and return them to their colonies. Volunteers monitor the colonies, ensuring they have adequate food and providing shelters in winter.

Featured Dog



Katie is a 4 year old greyhound/ hound mix who has had a rough life.

She is anxious when left alone, and very fearful of new people. But once she knows you, she is extremely sweet and affectionate.  With the right home, she will be a fantastic pet.

Untold Brewing


Beer with a purpose

Untold Brewing has teamed up with The Pink Frame to help local charities.   

 In fact, a portion of all proceeds of their new IPA, called With Purpose, will go directly to four local charities including the Scituate Animal Shelter.  

Drink up, guilt free!



Supplies needed!

A busy shelter is always in need of items to keep running.  Donations of supplies help us to spend our funds where they really matter:  on taking care of our pets and funding our humane initiatives in the community.

To see what we currently need, please click the button below.  It will enable you to order items that are then shipped directly to us.   Our pets thank you!


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