Our Community Programs

Reaching out

Our mission is to help the animals of our community as well as the people who love them.  We are dedicated to being a resource for all things animal for the community, to educating the next generation about animal welfare issues, and working to address the root causes of animal homelessness in the community.  

Assistance for pet owners facing hardship

Many seniors, military vets and lower income families find they can no longer afford to care for the pets they love.  We help them to keep these animals in their own homes--and out of shelters --by providing regular free pet food, supplies and veterinary wellness services.

Pet food pantry

In  2017, we donated over 5,000 pounds of pet food to local community food pantries and families facing financial hardship. 

Humane education

We visit school classrooms to teach children about the importance of spaying and neutering as well as the standards of humane care for pets.

Community leader

We are the top resource for animal-related issues in our area, and when issues arise, we are who the community turns to.   In fall of 2017, after the devastating hurricane and floods in Houston, TX,  many local residents called us to inquire how to help the animals of that region.   We quickly organized a pet food and supplies drive and were able to gather 2,000 pounds of urgently needed items and get them to recipients in Texas within one week.

Are you a pet owner facing hardship?

We may be able to help, or to direct you to other organizations or services who can.

Please email Ashley Davis at