Feral cats


Helping cats across Massachusetts

Feral cats are simply domestic cats who  born on the streets, or became lost and reverted to a wild state. America is home to 5o,ooo,ooo such animals, and they are some of the most vulnerable creatures in our region, living short, difficult lives.  

We run a  'TNR' program (Trap, Neuter, Release) to help humanely control the population in our region. Working with grass roots groups around the state. we monitor feral cat colonies and provide winter shelters.We trap the adults, who are then spayed or neutered and returned to live out their lives more healthfully.  We mark the ear of all neutered cats with a small notch to enable identification. The kittens are fostered and adopted with loving families.  

Since 2014, we have neutered close to 700 feral cats and adopted out hundreds of feral kittens.  This intervention is absolutely crucial given the staggering reality that just two un-neutered cats could become 12,000 cats in just five years.